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Tyrel Tesch is an American photographer based in Sacramento, California. 


A deep fascination with cinema and classical art, forms the foundation of his photographic style — where atmosphere and emotion are guiding elements.


The solitude of his humble upbringing instilled a deep hunger to explore what lay beyond California's pastoral foothills. His curiosity has brought him to the Himalaya, the Andes and many places in between — in search of different cultures and ways of life. This has led him to forge many strong friendships and inspired personal projects, including an ongoing project on the Q’ero people in the remote mountains of Peru. 


Connection and empathy are a photographer's greatest allies in creating images with integrity and authenticity. He believes that photography has the ability to build bridges between worlds. The ability to connect one another and express ideas that transcend the spoken and written language — and to shed light on the most urgent matters of the times.

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